Our support for the Baltic Sea

We are passionate humans having a summer home on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The continued destruction of this maritime heritage through over fishing, over nutrition, and general mismanagement disturb us deeply. WWF provides protection and devleopment for a fauna that also our chilren and their children should be able to experience.

We support the Swedish Cancer Society

More than 30% of the population in Sweden will sometime duuring their life time receive the message that they have cancer. The founder of Andeon Consulting is one of these 30%. It is natural for us at Andeon Consulting to support the continued research and the dissemination of information and knowledge around cancer through our contribution to the Swedish Cancer Society.

Our support to local community

We are not all fortunate enough to have a home to go to or food to put on the table. Andeon Consulting contributes to a more human society in our local community.